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  • F1 to H1, F2 to H4


    My situation is I am in F1 status and my wife in F2. My H1 was applied from an employer previously but got rejected because employer didn't furnish documents properly. I have applied for H1 and H4 for wife from a new employer in Aug 2011, expecting decision on the same soon. My questions are

    1.If my H1 is approved m thinking of going to Canada for stamping, what are the chances on this?

    2.My visa(stamping) on my passport expires in dec 2011 but my F1 status will be valid, since am thinking of visiting canada for h1 stamping, are there any problems due to visa(stamping) expiring on my passport?


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    Going to Canada may not work out as I believe one needs to go to home country for first H1 stamping. Check with the Canadian consulate. This again is my opinion please do seek legal and immigration expert opinion.


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      If this is your first time H1B stamping, then you need to get it stamped in your home country. If you previously had an H1B visa, then you can go to Canada.
      Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.