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First-time H1B stamping, Singapore or Mumbai - feasibility, chances, wait time?

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  • First-time H1B stamping, Singapore or Mumbai - feasibility, chances, wait time?

    Hi guys! I'm an Indian citizen. This is my 5th month working in Singapore on a permanent position. I will be applying for stamping for the first time for a H1B visa. This is not the same employer.

    My questions:
    1. Is it feasible for me to apply for stamping here in Singapore since I'm residing here? (The company lawyer says it shouldn't be a problem but I want to be sure.)
    2. The other option is to apply for stamping at Mumbai. Popular belief says there are higher chances of approval* in Singapore. How much of that is true and what would you suggest? Mine is a case for a new employment at an American product company.
    3. How long is the wait time to schedule an appointment in Singapore? And if known what are the documents required.

    * Are genuine cases rejected? On what basis (not on paper, but real life) do they deny visa?
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    The first time H1B stamping should usually be done at the home country. However, if you are currently residing in Singapore, then you can attend the visa interview there. Even in case of an additional admin processing, you are okay since you reside there. At the worst case, the VO might ask you to get the visa stamped in India.

    Here are the list of documents required for your H1B stamping.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Thanks! Any more help would genuinely be very very valuable to me.

      Thanks for the reply! Any more help would genuinely be very very valuable to me.

      I was also wondering if it will be a better idea to go back to India and apply at the Mumbai consulate itself?

      My major concerns are:
      1. If indeed the US Embassy in Singapore is more likely to approve then I would definitely like to apply here.
      2. Even it is more likely to approve for general cases, is it likely to approve for TCN (third country nationals)?
      3. I wouldn't like to get stuck in administrative processing because I didn't apply from India. But if getting stuck in administrative processing independent of where I apply from, I would prefer Singapore again if it is more likely to approve.

      Basically what I'm stuck with is should I apply in Singapore because that is the "safer option" and miss out on some time I can spend with family in India?

      • New US direct employer (American technology product company, not consultancy).
      • Have had two (one expired and one currently valid) US visitor (B1/B2) visa.
      • Degree from top (BITS, Pilani - ranked in top 5 generally in India - 1st on private university list and 16th in Asia by Asia Week) university in India. I mention this not to boast but because I've also a concern about being directed to India because they would claim they cannot verify educational records. I have the original with me here in Singapore.
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        Any person who finished 6months stay, they can attend in Singapore. I got my visa in Singapore. I was in Singapore for 9months at that time, i applied for interview online, u can easily get the slot for interview, Stamping in singapore is cool and no issue, i suggest finish your 6 months and apply for visa interview in singapore.