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B2 to H4 conversion

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  • B2 to H4 conversion


    I am currently holding a valid H1-B visa from a reputed company and will be getting married soon. My fiance who's in India has a valid B2 visa. We plan to have a registered marriage a month before a traditional Hindu wedding and she plans to visit me during this gap.

    How difficult/safe is it for her to visit me on the B2 for the one month between our registered marriage and the actual traditional wedding, if we plan to apply for the H4 when we go back for the actual wedding?
    When we apply for the H4 after the traditional wedding, would the consulate consider it a negative point that she came with me on a B2 visa (just a month earlier) when technically we were "married" in the court?
    Also, how difficult/possible is it to apply for a change of status from B2 to H4 while she is in the US itself?

    Thanks for your responses.

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    I wouldn't advise you to file a COS from B2 to H4. Otherwise, there is no issue in traveling in B2 for tourism and later applying for a H4 visa at the consulate.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      There is no problem in her visiting on B2 and then returning to obtain H4. Change of status within the US is not required, not recommended and 1 month gap is not even sufficient to get a decision.
      This is my opinion and not legal advice.