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H1b petition is filed, any risk if B1 is also filed

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  • H1b petition is filed, any risk if B1 is also filed


    Hi my H1b petition is filed with USICS for over three months mow. Since it is taking so much time i am thinking of asking employer to file for B1 as well. Is it allowed and if i do this will there be any risk to H1B petition?

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    No issues. You also have the option of upgrading your case to premium processing and get the H1B decision within 15 days.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Thanks for replying!

      I checked with my employer and they are saying that this(now changing to premium processing and B1) will only increase chances of H1 rejection. Is there any thuth in what they are saying, or is it that they are just saving money!


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        Also can you please let me know additional cost incurred by employer, if H1b normal (already filed with USICS) is changed to H1B premium processing?



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          Yes, premium fee is $1250.
          By 'filing' B1, do you mean applying for B1 Visa abroad or filing change of status to B1?
          This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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            Thanks Kabkaba, that means employer will have to pay additioanl fee of $1250, if normal H1B processing is changed to premium processing.

            My another question was, if employer does not agree for premium processing, can i try applying for B1 stamping. So that H1B and B1 both the processes are going simultaneously. But can this increase rejection chances for H1B visa? as USCIS might thing that my work purpose is getting fullfilled by B1 only and may not require H1B visa


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              They will think no such thing. Only limited activities are allowed on B1 Visa, such as attending meetings, trainings or conferences.
              This is my opinion and not legal advice.