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Can one have both H4 and L1 VISA?

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  • Can one have both H4 and L1 VISA?

    suppose my wife already got her L1 VISA which is valid through 2013, can she apply H4 VISA(I am H1) and travel to US as H4 dependent? in this case will her L1 VISA still valid through 2013 which can let her work as L1 worker?

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    Can one have both H4 and L1 VISA?

    Who would be her employer in case she decides to work? On L1 she can only work with the company which has sponsored her L1. In some cases the consulate cancels a visa if issuing another visa so there is a possibility that they cancel L1 without prejudice while issuing H4. this is my opinion please do seek legal and expert opinion too.


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      She can only have one status while in the US, irrespective of Visas in her passport.
      Status is determined by the latest I-94. If she uses H4 Visa to enter the US, her I-94 will be H4 and she will not be allowed to work. If she uses L1 Visa to enter, her I-94 will be L1 and she must maintain that status by working with the L1 employer.

      Consular officers may or may not cancel previous Visas when a new Visa is applied for. However, the underlying petition is not canceled.
      This is my opinion and not legal advice.