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Need suggestion in H4 visa

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  • Need suggestion in H4 visa

    Hi ,

    I am currently with H1 with an employer X in US from september . my wife is in INDIA . I have applied for H1 transfer with employer Y ... I waiting for approval of my petition . I am planning to send my wife in INDIA to H4 visa stamping in Jan 3 rd week ..

    As my employer ll be changed to " Y " and i have the H1 visa stamping from the first employer X ... ll that be an issue for my wife to get H4 . Could you please suggest if ..is it okay to have my wife apply to H4 in Jan 3rd week ?

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    She can use your H1 approval notice corresponding to the employer you are working for at that time to obtain her H4 Visa. I assume her current H4 Visa has expired or will expire at the time of return.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      Hi .. thank you for the response and suggestion ..

      Actually , this is the first time she would be applying for H4 ... ..


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        Then just ignore that part about current H4 Visa.
        This is my opinion and not legal advice.