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H4 Visa stamping question -- please suggest

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  • H4 Visa stamping question -- please suggest


    I have got H1B visa extension approval for next 3 years recently. I got married recently and my wife is in India. So I am applying for H4 Visa for her and this is the first time applying for H4 for her.

    My question is , I got extension approval, but I didn't get the Visa stamping as I didn't go out of USA. I have all the documents now like,

    1. I 797 Approval
    2. I 129 Approval
    3. HR Letter
    4. I 94
    5. and my all other documents

    So can I still process H4 Visa for my wife with these documents without new Visa stamping on my passport?

    PS: My visa expiry date was on Sept 27 2011.

    Thanks alot in advance!!!!!

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    Since u have ur H1 - b Extension,you can process ur wife`s H4 ..stamping...No worries..
    I hope u have all the necessary H4 docs ready for her...get the stamping done!

    Good luck


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      Thank you...

      Thank you so much....