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221(g) after H4 Visa Interview @ Mumbai

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  • 221(g) after H4 Visa Interview @ Mumbai

    I received 221(g) after an interview @ Mumbai consulate for H4 visa application.
    VO has asked me to submit the additional documents at nearest VFS center.

    Can anyone please tell me how much time does it take after submission of documents?
    How do I get to know if the visa application is accepeted or rejected?
    Do I need to submit passport or any other documents (like HDFC receipt, CEAC Bar code confirmation page) along with specified documents?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Hii vidula

    Submit all the documents whtever mentioned in ur 221(g)..No need to submit ur HDFC recepit..I too recevied a blue form..for h1-B

    my int date : 1st Nov
    docs submitted : 21st NoV
    Recevied email from consulate for passport submission - 9th dec
    submitted - 12 th
    Passport recevied - 15th dec

    So if all your docs are proper...i think it should take 3 to 4 weeks...i know it is depressing but..we have no option but to wait..

    Good luck...