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Urgent Query: Company Around 4 yrs old but Pre-Revenue -H1b a problem?

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  • Urgent Query: Company Around 4 yrs old but Pre-Revenue -H1b a problem?

    Hi Shervin & others,

    My query is regarding a company in CA which is a start up and employs 55 people (non software, related to energy area)

    They do have a strategic alliance with big companies like GE etc but they have been around only 4 years and are Pre Revenue

    They wish to be earning good revenue by next year as their business model is good and the contract with GE (of minimum 2 years) has put more than 50 Million in their bank

    They are giving me a good position paying close to 6 figures.

    My concern is that when they send the LCA application and the main H1b petition, they will have to report 0 Gross Income and 0 Net Revenue

    I have worked on H1b before although I just completed a full time MBA and am on F1.
    They are applying cap exempt for me to use the remaining 2 to 3 years on my H1b

    Question is with no Revenue and just lots of cash in bank, will the H1b be approved?
    I read somewhere that it is hard for start ups to get H1b approved if they can not show a steady income ?

    Kindly reply asap


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    It is very hard to predict. If they file the H1B through a good immigration layer, they would know how to document these and get it approved. If the company is ready to file the H1B, then let them do it. There isn't anything that you will impact you by filing a petition. If the LCA and H1B gets approved, then join them and start working. IN the mean time, also look for alternatives and keep your options open.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Hello Shervin,

      Thanks a lot for your reply

      Actually they have filed H1b in 2010 and 2009 also (about 5 each year)

      But the company was making Revenue then I think. Then in mid of 2010 they had a bad time and had to undergo downsizing. After that they changed location in a nearby area and got a new CEO.

      This CEO got with him new opportunities and got then a big contract with GE and some other companies that put a lot of cash in their bank. Now unless GE takes back the contract, which is hard to predict, they are good in terms of cash for the nearby 3 years at least.

      They employ about 50 people

      The problem is that they have chose VISA NOW services (a big immigration company) I believe.
      But they are also saying that this is the first time they are using them.

      So I am not sure how all this will pan out.

      Will having done previous H1b go in their favor?
      I dont think they are worried about no revenue, its me who read that its hard to get H1b approved if you can not show revenue

      what are your thoughts now after I have told you the above facts?

      Thanks a lot for your time and consideration


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        Hi Shervin,

        Can you give your valuable opinion just once more?

        THanks a lot!