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client name in i797b and i129

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  • client name in i797b and i129

    i got my h1b approval notice but with a weird situation.

    my LCA was approved for city A, state B but my approval notice (1797b) contains:

    section 5:

    mycompany, c/o client X, city A, state B

    while it should be

    mycompany, c/o client Y, city A, state B

    I'm not sure if this is a material change and I should go for amendment (the error is both in i797b abd i129) - my attorney confirmed that mistake was at her end (to mention wrong client name X). She also confirms that a cover letter should be ok and no amendment is required as the client address and city/state is same.

    anybody with similar exp?

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    anyone knows?


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      administrative process

      I went for PA and got the approval from VO but she told me an administrative review is required so that I dont face issues while in US. When I asked her what's the lead time she told me I can expect a call in 5 working days regarding what is required, if not my passport will be sent with visa.

      I don't have any slp or case no. given, not sure if I need to track.

      Is it normal? Can it take longer?

      Consulate - Delhi.


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        This is known to happen. There is no way to track the progress on these things.
        This is my opinion and not legal advice.