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IRS PTIN for H1B does it Reqired?

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  • IRS PTIN for H1B does it Reqired?

    Anyone have idea about PTIN IRS, does it mandatory for H1B holder?
    my last tax consultant applied for that PTIN number charged $63 from my Credit card.
    Now I have my new tax consultant , she is saying that PTIN is not for us but it's for TAX preparers.
    anyone heard about desitax return maverictax from somewhere UTA Dallas Texas, tony patel?
    I found this tax consultant is SCAM / scared many people charge lots of money , issue court warrants once you just make enquiry about tax return by email or phone call & ask them I am planing to tax return by you without sending any W2 or any paper agreement but this guy shouting on phone lots in Gujju style and forcing you to pay his fees. he mostly use one language to everyone you indians why are you here on H1B, this mother F*c*er is Indian origin using this abuse languages to other indians, his English is poor like a 5th standart child. (personal sugession do not apply tax return by this guy if you want your self respect, we are highly qualified skilled worker on H1B. I heard that this guy also sell personal information to many companies and making money.

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    PTIN is for tax preparors such as CPAs and other people like H&R Block etc.

    PTIN is not for taxpayers.
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      myuta dot com review

      Hi All,

      Before applying by myuta dot com tax pro Tony Patel, please read complete review using search on google "key words, myuta dot com Review".
      Read review there were big conversations about this guy education, experience , how he cheated people, **** price winners story.
      Beware this guy always target to scared most of the student visa, OPT , H1 EAD holders, that's give big business to him.
      He or some other customer support person told you that you do not have to pay any fees at the time of tax refund application . Remember it's $399 sure and cut from your return or they will ask later, if you say no you don't want to go with him than they will issue court warrants and copy will be emailed you.

      My advise go with software like Turbo tax or H & R Block or other tax CPA's. Tony promise you that he will give you huge amount of return by IRS using many ilegal tricks, that will problem for you if IRS audit it.

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