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H4 visa 221g green slip issued in New Delhi

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  • H4 visa 221g green slip issued in New Delhi

    Hi all, we just want to share our experience and solicit some advice on our recent visa experience. My husband is currently on a valid H1 visa. He is a Canadian citizen working in America. Im an Indian Citizen, we got married in New Delhi last week. I appeared for my H4 stamping at the New Delhi Consulate on friday and was issued a green 221g slip. Also, the VO wrote CWOP on my valid B1/B2 visa. My husband owns a business which is legal to do so on a H1 as long as he doesnt work there. The VO asked us to provide an explanation with regard to his non wage business income which was listed on his tax returns. Since i wasnt aware of the technicalities of ownership, the VO asked my husband to provide the details. We are going to submit this back at the VFS center in a day. Any thoughts on this? Any idea of the normal processing time ? Why was my Valid b1/B2 visa cancelled?

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    Processing time cannot be determined as each 221g is case by case basis. It is a very common practice to cancel an existing visa when you appear for a new one. It depends on the VO. Some VO will let you have multiple visas in the passport. Once you submit proper documents to prove that your husband is only a passive investor in his business, you should get your H4 stamped successfully. It just might take a little time to get the admin process resolved and you need to be patient.
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