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  • H1 B Visa

    Im currently on a H1 B visa and it expires in September. However Im getting married in October. Im also looking to move jobs but have to change visa over to change jobs what visa is best to get for this to happen until I get married and apply for a green card?

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    Not exactly sure what you are trying to ask. If you are currently in U.S, then you have to maintain your H1B status by working for the H1B employer. You are allowed to switch jobs by filing a H1B transfer. Your H1B petition and the I-94 associated with it should remain valid to stay and work in U.S. In order to bring your wife to U.S as a dependent, she will have to apply for the H4 visa at the U.S consulate based on your H1B approval notice of the employer who you will be working at that time. If the H4 visa gets approved, she can travel to U.S on that visa to join you as your dependent. Visa is only an entry document to U.S. To legally stay in U.S, the I-94 should remain valid.
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