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Lost Indian Passport and I-94

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  • Lost Indian Passport and I-94

    Hello All,

    My wife lost her Indian passport and I-94 form. She has now got new duplicate Indian passport from Indian consulate at NYC. Now she wants to go to India but she doesn't have I-94. Although she has I-94 which came with her H-4 visa extension last year but the I-94 which she has lost was the latest. Now I want to know can she still leave for India without I-94 or she has to wait till she get new I-94 from USCIS.

    Thanks for your help in advance.


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    I assume the latest I-94 has not expired (only lost).
    Technically she has to apply for replacement I-94. However since she is planning to leave the US anyway, here's what she can do.
    If she has a copy of the lost I-94 somewhere, that's the best. (Remember this for future, always keep copies of your important documents in a different place).
    She can leave the US and then send copies of her boarding passes, arrival stamps on Passport and other proof that she has left the US and send it to Kentucky address on CBP website. Search for I-94 not returned on CBP.gov Add copy of her lost I-94 (if available) and a letter explaining everything.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      Thanks for reply. Yes, she lost the I-94 but it wasn't expired. She doesn't have photocopy of lost I-94. so when she should send her boarding passes to CBS? after returning from India? she is planning to go to India around March first week. I can apply for her new I-94 but I am sure she will not get it with in 15 days.


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        Send it to CBP as soon as she leaves the US.
        This is my opinion and not legal advice.