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221g Green Slip for H4....Need Help!

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  • 221g Green Slip for H4....Need Help!

    Hi All,
    Me and wife had an interview on 11th Jan for H1 and H4 respectively, officer handed me green 221g at the that time and told me to submit all the docs..like employment verification, purpose of travel etc...which I did on 16th Jan and got the number on 16th Feb. We submitted both our passports, however only I got the H1 stamped and my wife did not get her H4 stamped. She received her passport and a green 221g asking for the same documents that I submitted for me.
    Now the question is to send my documents again for her? or make new documents for her, which is impossible since she is not working...and applying for H4.
    Please advice!

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    It is weird they have asked the same doucments again. Do send the same set of documents again and include a cover letter stating that you already did once and you got your H1B stamped successfully. Include a copy of your recently stamped visa.
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