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How safe is X-ray Scanning in Pregnancy..

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  • How safe is X-ray Scanning in Pregnancy..

    I will be travelling alone to US on H4 visa soon and will be 3 months Pregnant by that time.
    I am worried about the X-ray scanning that happens during the security check. I have heard now they have more huge and sophasticated x-ray machines. How safe are they ? Can there be any risk to my pregnancy and if i want to avoid x-ray scanning, how can i do it.

    Thanks, an early response will be very much appreciated.

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    This should be a question to your primary care physician. You should consult your doctor and get this question answered. However, there have been lot of pregnant women travelling these days and there hasn’t been any news about X-Ray scanners causing any issues with the pregnancy.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      When my wife was pregnant with our second child, she refused to go through the x-ray machine and asked for a pat-down instead. No problems.

      While the TSA says that both advanced imagers & traditional X-ray machines are safe for pregnant women, the truth is that there is no results to either effect.

      The TSA has documented your options here:

      and quoting:

      "Q. Will going through the advanced imaging technology have a harmful effect on my unborn child?
      A. Advanced imaging technology screening is safe for all passengers, including children, pregnant women, and individuals with medical implants. If passengers wish, they may always request an alternative screening procedure to include a thorough pat-down.

      Q. What should I do if I am not offered the option to have a pat-down instead of going through advanced imaging technology (AIT) equipment?
      A. Screenings using AIT are voluntary. Individuals who do not wish to be screened by this technology should inform the TSO of their desire to opt out of AIT. Passengers opting out of AIT will be required to undergo alternative screening, to include a thorough pat-down. If passengers are told they are not allowed the option of a pat-down or other screening, they should ask to speak with a Supervisory Transportation Security Officer."

      I would suggest you to print the whole page and carry it with you if you opt for a pat-down.

      HOWEVER: be aware that even if you are well within your right of refusing the x-ray and/or scanning and asking for a pat-down, there are multiple documented cases of TSA agents *refusing to accept the request for a pat-down, and telling the passenger things like "you either go thru the machine or you don't fly"*