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My visa rejected under 221(g) please tell me what should when I go for visa stamping

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  • My visa rejected under 221(g) please tell me what should when I go for visa stamping

    Dear friends,

    I have attended My H1 B visa stamping in March. He asked me for I797 , labour certification documents. He then checked my Mark sheets of Univ. asked me about the company I was going to, who are the clients and what project I was going to work and for which client. I did not know my self that for which client of the H1b sponsor I would be working with, so I gave name of one of the client. He asked How did I know that I would be working with that client and asked about the project. Then he asked me about the W2 forms and Tax returns of the company I am going to. I gave the sealed cover, I got from my US company. He told that the documents were not complete and gave me the form no 221(g) of refusal and also asked to come with the relevant documents.

    Now my sponsorer is sending the documents needed, but I have doubt that. If by any chance I get rejected does it mean that I cannot go to USA to work permannently i.e I cannot get my H1 B after this. please give me suggestions. what are the chances of being rejectd second time.

    Does any one has been rejected H1b under 221(g) and did they go for the next time what happened for your visa stamping.

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    DONT WORRY !!! 221(g) is a common thing.

    Just take all the documents they requested..you should be fine.

    My family had a similar experience with their H4, but got it in the next attempt.

    Best of luck!!