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  • Balu

    Dear Amit ,

    The terma and conditions vary from company to company.
    According to your company terms, they are providing you accomodation till you got project. So till that time , you have to spend your own money for your personnel expenses like food etc.

    Regarding the return ticket, 99% of companies don't give the ticket on anual leave.

    So , it's upto you to take up the job or not.


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  • amitdullu
    started a topic Information needed

    Information needed

    I am software Engineer from India,I had got an offer from an american company,they r offering me Rs55000/annum .They will give visa fees for me ,after landing to USA they will provide accomdation and food for me .But my salary will start only when I will get project till that how will I manage is it not the labiality of company to pay for me when I am on bench.Also they won't pay me return ticket to India when I will be having anual holidays.Also they won't pay visa fees,ticket for my spouse.Also I have to pay tax which depends upon state to state .

    pls advise me in this case should I take the job