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URGENT: H1 to H4 or H1 to H1

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  • URGENT: H1 to H4 or H1 to H1

    Hi there - This is pretty urgent and I will appreciate if someone can help....My wife is on H1 and her contract ends on June 3rd. I'm on my own H1B Visa..Just to be on the safer side and in status, I'm planning to apply for her H4 visa through my company before June 3rd. She has also received offers from other companies but it looks like they might not file her H1B tranfer (H1 to H1) before the June 3rd date.

    1) What if my company files the H1 to H4 transfer petition before June 3rd and if her new employer files for her H1 to H1 transfer after June 3rd date?
    2) Does the new employer need to know that we have filed our H1 to H4 transfer?
    3) Once the new employer files her H1 to H1 transfer (say on June 10th), can we withdraw our H1 to H4 transfer petition?
    4) Can we have both the H1 to H4 petition and H1 to H1 transfer petitions filed simultaneously (without cancelling one of those?)
    5) What if she need to file for a new H1, one month after filing her H4 (or) upon her receipt of her H4 approval. Should she be subject to 65k - H1B cap? She had been on her own H1 for 2 years now, without going out of USA. She also has her Masters Degree from USA..

    Thanks and Looking forward to your replies eagerly....Thank you in advance!