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h1b visa app in pending status due to wife's h1b g 221 query

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  • h1b visa app in pending status due to wife's h1b g 221 query

    Hi immihelp,
    First of all thanks to imihelp for a such huge Knowledge base.

    Here is my case.
    Me ( working for x company since 4 yr, on h1b since 7 yr, new petiotion approval till 2014, neve had stampping issue in past)
    My wife( was on h4 since 2 yr, 6 months back got project, so empolyer did h1b in premium )

    We were in india for vacation, our visa was expired.
    Attended visa interview at mumbai.. (16th march)
    Appered as family, two h1b, different employer, 1 is renewal another is fresh h1b.

    VO issued g221 query( blue slip) on wife's h1b..and told me ur case is ok.. Ur wife need to submit
    Following docs.

    20th march submitted all docs..

    Till date no reply.. My employer issued dead line.. I should be returning back by 30th april.

    Now last week i submited withdrwal request. To witdraw application so i can attend alone fresh application.

    Pls guide me what should i do in tis case.. I waited more 30 days no reply on g221 query..


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    Pls somebody help me. I am egarly waiting for reply.

    Senior members your attenention is highly appricable..



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      If your visa was approved, then you should have got the passport back with the stamping. Did you check with the consulate / VFS on the status of your visa? If your case has also gone into admin process, then there is no point in withdrawing the application and filing it again. It will make no sense as they will put your case again into 221g admin processing and it is just a waste of the money and time.

      IMO, It was not a wise decision to take both the H1B visa interviews together. If you would have gone separately, at least the probability of getting the H1B stamped for one of you is high and the other could have applied for H4 to travel to U.S and later file a COS back to H1B.

      If your visa was indeed approved, write to consulate and find out why it is getting delayed to get the stamped passport back.
      Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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        HI shervin143,
        Thanks for your reply.
        Here is the exactly what happened.

        "The VO asked give us the passport. We gave. He entered my passport and 797 details into the system. Then he checked my wife's passport and her 797.. Folded his cliffs and started typing a long essay and said. Your case is ok. You don't need to submit anything only your wife need to submit following documents. (listed in blue slip of G221 query doc). He didn't asked my passport for acceptance as well."

        Till date we are daily checking status on our case but nothing has changed. Passport status is also showing same message. " Your passport is under processing"

        I realize it wasn't good idea to get stamped together (H1B) lerant lesson.

        right now we are withdrawing application because there was no query on my side and my employer is strong in US. I am sure without any question it will get stamped again that's why we both were withdrawing h1b existing cases. We are focusing that atleast 1 person should enter so other one can enter as H4. We checked with my wife's employer as well but even they didn't had any query from American consulate about back office verification or any extra document request.

        Please guide us..


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          Well, there isn't nothing much that I can help. Y0u can try to withdraw and file it alone separately and see how it works. In case your case was previously put on hold under 221g, then there are chances that could happen again. But if the delay was due to your wife's application, then you may get the visa stamped. These things are hard to predict. Try and see what happens. Keep the forum posted with your experience and it could be useful to someone.
          Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.