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  • Need suggestion

    Hi ,
    I am currently on L2 visa.
    My company has converted into H1 visa and I got the approval notice.
    It is valid from october 2012

    I am planning to visit india in Decemeber 2012.
    My L2 visa stamp is valid until June 2013

    MY questions are:

    1. Is it mandatory to have the H1 visa stamp to come back to US once i go to india in Decemeber?
    2. Can I come back to US without stamping as I have a valid L2 visa until June 2013?

    Please help

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    You can return in L2 status if your spouse is maintaining L1 status. However, your status will then be L2 and not H1. You will then only be able to work if you have L2 based EAD.

    In order to return and work in H1 status, you will need to obtain H1 Visa.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.