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221g - pp ready to be delivered (any guesses?)

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  • 221g - pp ready to be delivered (any guesses?)

    Hi All,
    I have been reading in these forums that a 221g case normally takes 1 to 3 months. But, I am really surprised that just after 2 days after submitting my docs I got an intimation saying that my passport is ready to be delivered. God knows what's in store... Any guesses?

    My visa interview @ Chennai Consulate was on - 3rd April 2012 where a 221g green form was issued to me asking for a few documents

    Submitted the documents and passport on 19th April 2012 at VFS Bangalore

    Now surprisingly, just after 2 business days, I am seeing a status change ...

    Has anyone got such a quick change of status for a 221g green? Any guesses for what's in store for me.

    I will have my passport delivered tomorrow by courier, but before that, can someone provide any enlightenment as to what might be in store?

    Waiting to hear from you guys !!! And good luck to me as well as to you all :P
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    221g - second request !!

    Received a 221g with second request. Hope this will be the final one

    "Please resubmit documents with a detailed description of "XYZ project" with complete technical description of the project, employer, timeline, current status, number of employees assigned, worksite location and marketing analysis for the final product"

    This is normally asked for inhouse projects, but they have turned the same question on this client project that I have shown in the client letter ...

    Hope I get this from my client on his letterhead.... Phew !! This is sooo tiring...