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221g green slip received after blue slip

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  • 221g green slip received after blue slip

    I appeared for h1b visa on EVVC model , two months bck VO issued me blue slip.
    And taken my following documents-
    1) (DS 160 ) Confirmation Page
    2) All documents submitted for USCIS(I907,Employee Agreement Letter
    3) OPT EAD Card , I-94
    5) I20 from previous school
    6) I-797A, I-129
    8) MS Degree Certificate, Btech Degree Certicate , MS Transcripts
    11)Client Letter & Vendor Letters
    12)New LCA.
    All these are sent to me via mail.along with a green slip.

    now they sent me a green 221g slip and asked to submitted below documents i.e.
    ----------------------------------------------------- front side of the green slip
    1) copy or original DS160 confirmation page.
    2) Complete I-797,I129(Petition for a Non-Immigrant Visa) form , Labor Condition Apllication and other supporting documents as filled to U.S Citizenshop and Immigration Services.
    3) If applicable , pentitioer's letter to U.s Citizenship and immigration Services in support of the
    I-129 and/or response to U.s Citizenship and immigration Services Request for Evidence(RFE).
    4) A copy of the employment contract or letter of agreement signed by you and the petitioner.
    5) This letter.
    6) Other documents from you or your petitioner .as specified on the reverse side.

    **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ** Back side of the green slip
    <Passport(must be valid for six months at the time of application)
    Note:- this option is ticked

    ?I have already provided these documents they has sent those back now they are asking the same documents iam totally confused.can anyone let me knw wht is happening in this case.
    ? i applied my h1b on a different client and 2 months bck i changed my LCA with new client and appeared for visa without h1b amendment .Let me knw plz before i submit my documents if i need to do h1b amendment. @ Thanks in advance

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    Yes, you need the H1B petition to be amended before you send the documents.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Can you please let me know when was your interview date?.Mine was on Feb17th they gave me ble form with AAP checked.All the petetion documents were returned back to me.Only client letter was taken.So far neither the client not the emplotyer is contacted.Can you please provide your contact details as I have few more questions.I can be reached at [email protected]