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    My company applied for me L1A visa and my petition was denied by USCIS, now my company will be filling my H1B for 2013 quota, I have a valid B1 Visa for another 3 years, My question is can i travel on B1 Visa and once my H1B Petetion gets approved so i can change my status there..!!

    Few question

    If i go on B1 Visa, at port of entry Immigration office might give me only 3 months I-94 which will not help as new H1b will be applicable only after October, can i extend B1 trip.

    Need expert advise on this Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    It is purely illegal to travel to U.S in B1 to work. Also, a COS from B1 to H1B is never advisable. You may end up answering a lot of questions when you attend the visa interview next time. If the reason to travel in B1 is genuine, then you can use your B1 to travel. You can extend the B1 when you are in U.S. At a max, you can still for 6 months in B1.
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