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  • 221G Pain


    My wife went to the US Consulate in New Delhi on Dec 21st for a H1 B stamping. We have been in the US for 6 years now. My wife has always worked as a direct employee. She has always been in Sales.

    The VO gave her a 221G asking her to submit company financials and set of documents used to file her current visa. They had also taken her passport. We submitted the same on dec 28th. It has been 4 months and there has been no response. The only message we get is that they are still processing.

    We dont know what the Consulate is doing as my wife has never been out of status, worked for large IT companies etc.

    Any suggestions on what we can do to find the status or any way we can get any information or speeden the process? Has anybody seen such long cycles for 221Gs?

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    Annoying 221(g)

    I am waiting almost past 5 months. I attended for visa interview in Hyderabad Consul on Dec. 8th 2011 still my case is pending. They firmly told they can't speed things up. We have to wait until they mail or call us. There is no way unless you or your representative approaches a Senator to speed up the process, then only the file gain some movement.


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      Thank You for the message. I have also been told that pushing the consulate too hard sometime also has negative effect. Has anybody had a rejection post getting a senator letter?

      Also, I did reach out to the senator in NJ and one of them mentioned that they stopped giving letters off late.