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h1 to h4 and h1 again..

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  • h1 to h4 and h1 again..

    I got a H1 from company X and I worked for that company about 3 years.
    Company X given me notice because of bad economy condition and not finding proper projects in my area of skills.So, I transferred my H1B with another Company Y.I worked with Company 'Y' for about few months and my project got finished.I could not able to find another consultant so I did H4 status on basis of my spouce' H1B.After doing a H4 I haven't leave country.My H4 is valid upto next one more year and still old my H1B stamp with company X is valid for more than a year.I had a call from company X to rejoin their on going project but how it is possible?Do they have to again sponsor me with H1B for same type of work and equivalent prevailing wage for they did in past and visa is still valid....??????????I am in the kind of tricky situation..Please if somebody can guide me!!!
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