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First Time H1B Stamping

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  • First Time H1B Stamping

    Hello Everyone,

    I need expert advise and help here.
    I need to travel to India to visit my grandmother who is going in for a major high risk surgery.

    Some Background:

    1. I am on H1b, in my 4th year. I got my extension till 2014. My I140 is approved.
    2. I work in a major bank as a consultant. I subcontract, there is a preferred vendor between my employer and the end client..
    3. My husband will be travelling with me. He is also on H1B, but a full time employee. This is his second time stamping after renewal.
    4. We are travelling to Bangalore, hence I presume we have to go to Chennai Consulate.
    5. Since we do not have anyone in Chennai, we will need to bring our 2 kids, age 1yr and 4yrs old. Our kids are US citizens.

    So far, I have only heard and read rejection news. I can procure all relavent documents. I am worried about the outcome. We have a lot at stake here.
    Can you please advise about the situation and how to get best prepared?

    Appreciate any help from your end.


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    Looking for a response, people in similar situation, please respond


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      Please reply....


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        There is no 100% fool proof way to avoid a 221g or a rejection. Only people who have gone through stamping issues posts their experiences in the forums. So you cannot go by what yo read in the forums and decide that all experiences are bad. There are plenty of people who are successfully getting their H1B visas stamped everyday and they don't bother to post a message in any forum. As long as you have all the documents in place, the chances of a successful stamping is high. If both you and your husband need to get the visas stamped. then it is advisable not to appear for the visa interview together in a single slot. That way, the chances of at least one of you getting the visa is high. If one of your get the visa and the other gets a 221g or rejection, you can always file for H4.
        Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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          Thank you Shervin. I really appreciate your taking time to reply.
          We just booked the appointment at Chennai for the 18th. My husband did it for both of us together. So, there is not much I can do about that and can only hope things turn out well.

          Do you know if I can take my 1yr old baby with me inside the consulate?

          Here is a list of documents I going prepared with, beside the End Client letter.
          . A support letter from your employer. It should include a description of your position, proving that the position is temporary and should also include a confirmation that the candidate will be a direct employee, and the salary level. Besides, the nature of the employer's business should be included.

          2. US company information which must include photographs of the inside and outside of the employer’s place of business, brochures, prospectus, and annual report.

          3. Vendor contract agreement and work order

          4. Federal tax returns of employer

          5. Letter sent to USCIS from employer

          6. Employment verification Letter

          7. Petitioner’s Income Tax return for the last two tax years and financial statements

          8. A notarized list of all the petitioner’s employees for each location. The list should show all the employee’s names, their specific job titles, start dates, end dates and their individual salaries and immigration status [Please provide in a sealed envelop]

          9. State unemployment wage reports showing all wages paid to each employee in the past three quarters as filed to all states. This should not be payroll reports but the actual forms filed to the state authorities listing each employee and wages paid during the quarter. [Please provide in a sealed envelop]

          10. Timesheets

          11. Status reports

          12. Performance appraisal reports (monthly and quarterly)

          Can you please let me know if this is good enough?

          Thanks again


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            The documents you have listed below are good enough. Is your kid a U.S born? If yes, you can take the kid inside the U.S consulate. Remember to carry the kid's U.S passport. If your baby is not born in U.S, then you cannot take the kid inside without a visa appointment.
            Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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              I got my visa

              My visa process in Chennai went very well.
              The officer asked me for my USCIS letter and the End Client letter and W2. We were all set in less than 5 mins and 4days after I got my visa stamped.