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H4 - Sponsoring wife with limited documents.

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  • H4 - Sponsoring wife with limited documents.

    Hi All,

    Any help will be really appreciate.

    OK. I m on H1 visa since last 4 yrs and lives in USA. Actually I am willing to marry soon.
    Based on H1 visa stamping situation at India, I m planning to sponsor the girl on H4.

    I understand I need some list of proofs. In our religion I can verbally marry on phone and even I can get the marriage certificate. Except:

    - Entire wedding photo album.
    - A copy of marriage invitation card of both the families

    I don't know anybody has gone throw such a situation. I am not worrying about visa at this time, I am just wondering if I can sponsor the girl without those requirements??

    Please suggest me with best of yours!!.


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    It is hard to say. The marriage certificate is very important. But the VO has all the rights to ask for more evidence like marriage album and invitation cards. It might be okay in your religion to marry over the phone. Bu tthe VO can question such marriage and issue 221g for more evidence. It is pretty hard to say. You have to try and figure out for yourself.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.