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H1B Transfer from Accounting to Programmer Analyst

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  • H1B Transfer from Accounting to Programmer Analyst


    i came to USA on H4 status 4 years back and in 2010 i filed for fresh H1B, & luckily it got approved.
    Ever since I am working with one XX company as an Accounting Consultant on H1B Visa and same company holds my H1B. My H1B application was filed on Accounting basis with Master degree in same filed. Degree was obtained from India.

    its been couple of years with them and i am happy with my current employer. NO Issues at all, smooth bond.

    Now i am thinking to change my career and start working in IT industry. I do have little background so would like to start from Jr. Level.

    My Questions are as follow:
    1- is it possible to transfer Accounting Base H1B to IT Base H1B?
    2- If not, what are other options to start working in IT On H1B status?

    I really appreciate your help/advise on the same......

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    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      H1B from Accounting to Software....

      I am also in the same boat as you are in..need to trf from H1 accounting to Software.
      Does anyone know if this is possible? And what are the linkely risks in doing so.
      Appreciate any response from any of your experiences.