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H4 for Visa for Canadian child born to indian parents

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  • H4 for Visa for Canadian child born to indian parents

    Hi.....My daughter is a Canadian citizen and is currently in India. I hold a H1 visa and am in USA currently. I am planning to bring my daughter to United States. Now does she need a H4 to be stamped in her passport or will she be getting the H4 at the airport port of entry. My wife alerady has a H4 and I am confused if my daughter needs a H4 to be stamped in her passport prior to arrival. I see that the USCIS site has mentioned that for B1 there is no need, but it is not clear for H4.

    Can someone with a similar experience please share their thoughts.

    Thanks for all the help.


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    Does your daughter have a Canadian passport? If she has a Canadian passport she doesnt need a H4 visa if she plans to stay for only 6 Months or less. But assuming that since you are on H1 and would be working in US for longer than 6 Months it would be better to get H4 for your daughter.

    I quoting back from the thread

    Canada has a reciprocal border agreement with the United States that allows citizens of either country to cross the border for visits of up to six months without first obtaining a visa. For any stay exceeding six months, a visa is required.

    Canadian citizens can be refused entry upon inspection at the border if the border officer is not satisfied that they intend to return to Canada upon the conclusion of their visit. If a would-be visitor has been refused entry to the United States, he might have to apply for a visa to make any entry into the United States in the future.

    Please do seek expert help too.