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Need Advise.. carrying Medicines for others

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  • Need Advise.. carrying Medicines for others

    Hi, Need help/suggestions...

    My mother is travelling from India to US next week for visiting purpose. One of my friends father is already here who came to US a couple of months ago. He had a heart surgery in India and he got limited stock of medicines while travelling to US.. Now his medication is about to get over and my friend is requesting my mother to carry these medicines with her. Now the quantity of medicines is definitely large (approx 1 kg stock for a month) and though the prescription is also handedover to my mother in India along with the medicines, she is scared if she is going to have any problems while carrying these medicines as these are not for her personal use and the prescription does not have her name on it... please advise/suggest if it is ok to carry so many medicines for others???

    I truly appreciate your help!!!