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H4 Stamping Experience in Hyderbad

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  • H4 Stamping Experience in Hyderbad

    Guys, I just wanted to share my wife H4 stamping experience with u all, as it might help lot of people looking for recent experiences just like I did but could hardly find any.

    Wife and Kid(6.5yrs) have attended H4 today (June 28th).
    All required docs submitted 4 days in advance.
    She has taken basically all that I would have taken for my H1 stamping(including client letter, vendor letter, etc...I am extra cautious guy)

    VO: Where do u stay?
    Ans: ZZZ, USA

    VO: Show me ur husbands paystubs?
    Ans: Shown previous 6 months paystubs

    VO: ur VISA is approved, u will get it in a week

    Thats it!..only 2 questions

    My petition is about to expire within a month as I am waiting for further extension..We thought the VO might question about just 1 month remaining but as it turned out, he do not even bother question about it.
    I know it is just H4 but have seen issues for H4 cases also...so very glad now.

    Thank you all on immihelp.com for valuable advices and info...all ur help has been invaluable to us. Hope this helps anyone concerned.

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    How long did the process take, right from entering the consulate to leaving?