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"Reopening" an H1 visa after 8 years?

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  • "Reopening" an H1 visa after 8 years?

    Having an advanced degree I obtained an H1B in October 1998 which I worked on (for 3 different companies via transfers) and ended employment 6 years later in September 2004. I have been out of the country since and am currently looking for work in the US. A consulting company informed me that once I found employment they could “reopen” the original H1B, and in essence I would not need to apply for a brand new visa, which I am thinking would mean that the current visa cap would not affect me. Is this correct information and can this be done?

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    Not possible. You have to go through a brand new CAP. You can file the H1B only on April 1st 2013 with the employment start date of Oct 1st 2013.
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