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H1 Visa Stamping in Canada

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  • H1 Visa Stamping in Canada

    Hi ,

    I got my H1B renewal approved. I would like to go for VISA stamping in Canada.

    Do anyone know the process how to do it?

    PLease provide urls to any useful resources.


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    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Hi , The url only shows information pertaining to Mexico. It doesnt have a lot to do with Canada.

      BTW, Is it better to go to Mexico or Canada for Visa Stamping? I live in MidWest and Toronto is close. But I am fine either ways.

      1) IF Mexico, then the information in the URL is very helpful
      a) Do I need a Mexico Visa to enter Mexico
      b) Which Consulate is the best to go for in Mexico.

      2) If Canada,
      a) Do I need a Canadian VISA to enter Canada? If Yes, How do I get that?
      b) What is the website to book VISA date in Toronto?
      c) Which bank do I need to make payment (Link Banmex for mexico)?
      d) How long should I stay in Canada to get back my passport. I heard , in Mexico, they process VISAs on same day and return the passport on the same day. So is Mexico a better option?
      e) When filling DS 160, do I need to mention , which Consulate I am going for stamping? Or, Is it generic?

      Please let me know.