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H1b visa extn - RFE

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  • H1b visa extn - RFE

    Hi...My 6 th year visa is ending on sep 30 th 2012.
    My employer has applied EB3 labor(perm) on Dec 1st 2011. Unfortnately it USCIS picked for audit..still waiting..3-4 months backlog is there.

    So now my employer applied visa extension(recapture h1b visa period - outside of US whick is 11 months in my case)

    applied VISA extn in premium and got RFE.

    So here is the situation.I have two vendors in between employer and client. 2nd vendor is implementing partner.
    At the time of applying i did't get clientletter, so applied with vendor letter and implementation vendor letter.
    Impletmentation gave letter on therir own standard format it says the 1 st vendor is resposinble for my wages and all, in letter they also stated that they work with clients closely.
    we showed 1 st and 2 nd vendor names in PO and letters, but actually end client is different.

    so now RFE questions are is there any other endclient after 2nd vendor?
    provide additional doc that employer is responsible for applicants visa and wages and employment.

    Now I spoke to vendor's and client and they are ready to provide the letter

    since i did't say endclient name anywhere in previous apply? do i need to continue that
    or get the end client letter and reply to RFE
    Please advise.

    how tough is this RFE? anybody encountered this type of problem?

    thank you.