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Visiting India while on OPT with H1B approved

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  • Visiting India while on OPT with H1B approved

    I am on OPT (Extension) until December but my F1 visa expires in August. H1B will be approved in a week. Planning to visit India in September. Do I have to get H1 stamped ? Will there be any immigration issues?

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    Yes, you will need to get the H1B stamped and return back in H1B visa on or after September 21st 2012. Once H1B is approved, you are no longer in OPT as o the H1B effective date. If yu want to enter back in F1 and maintain the OPT, then you should talk to your school's DSO and try to get the OPT reinstate. If you decide to enter U.S in F1, then you should enter after Oct 1st (after the H1B effective date).
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