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H1B Stamping & Greencard

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  • H1B Stamping & Greencard

    I came to America holding H1B Visa in the year 2009 and the visa was stamped for 2 yrs (Oct 2009 to Sep 2011). As I was supposed to go India for stamping after 2yrs (2011) and I did not go as my I-94 status says valid till Sep 2012.
    In the mean time my employer had applied for extension and it is approved .Now I have new I-94 which is valid till 2015.
    1) Do I have to go for stamping?
    2) What are the chances of approval?
    3) What if I go for stamping next year (2013)? (Will there be any problem during interview/stamping)
    4) In order to apply for green card, do I have to get my visa stamped?
    5) How many years does it take get green card?