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    I completed my MS in dec 2008. I got my H1b in April 2011 and is valid till 2014, recently I came to India in Nov 2011 and went for h1b stamping.
    my case was in administrative processing by getting a 2221g and,after waiting for many months I received a letter from consulate stating that my visa got denied.

    I am having problems with h1b transfer from India as I don't have project in my hands.I am trying to find a project,with this will do a h1b transfer with new employer by having(client letter and other required documents from the client) which is not possible these days, but still trying...

    1.I am planning to apply MBA program F1 student visa again , will that be advisable.?
    2.As I already did MS,do I need to write GRE,TOEFL again?
    3.my H1bvisa denial will be a problem for my new F1 visa approval?
    4.will vo issues a f1 visa as he is aware of everything though the past records?

    In this current situation please guide me what should I do. what should be the best way to reenter in US.

    Your response is highly appreciated.Thanks!!

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    Can you anyone please respond to my question. Your reply is highly appreciated.