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H1-B Stamping in Canada????

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  • H1-B Stamping in Canada????


    I want to go to Canada For H1-B Stamping by the End of January 2013..My project is untill July end 2013..But i have one Question is that it is the Right Time to go For

    Stamping at that time??.I got H-1B approved for Two years....I will explain my Situation as follows

    I joined one company during my initial OPT and wasted like 10 months..During that time i didn't do any Job..After that i changed to another Company and worked

    from March 2011 to Feb 2012.....Mine is EVC model....In February 2012 i changed to my Vendor as my Employer(but the Client is Same untill Right now).In february 2012 to

    untill July 2012 what they did is they didn't run the payroll whatever the company i applied for H1B..They have Sister Company ..So they run the Payroll under that sister

    company.In May 2012 i applied H-1B and got approved for two years..They told that they will run the payroll From August end(under Whatever

    company they applied for H-B)

    When i am going to H1B i need to take my PO????(But they will provide Client Letter)....Please give suggestions