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Transfer H1b before end of 5 th Yr..

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  • Transfer H1b before end of 5 th Yr..


    Right now My visa extension(recapture out of USA days) is pending for approval.

    Here is my Visa details:

    first H1b stamping date: 26 Dec 2006
    first arrival date in USA: Apr 27 2007
    first 3 yrs of H1b period ->> 26 Dec 2006 to 30 Sep 2009
    got another 3 yrs of extension
    second 3 yrs of H1b period->> 1 Oct 2009 to 30 sep 2012

    I am with same employer from starting(New company acquired the old company)

    My employer has applied labor(Perm) on 1 Dec 2011. Unfortunatly USCIS picked it for audit...perm audit is pending, 4 months backlog is there.

    So from stamping date to till now. I spent 11 months outside of USA.I am recapturing my period now and Visa extn is pending..
    As per my employer i will get visa untill 10 Oct 2013.

    Now my question is...

    Can I transfer my H1b to another company.If YES. am eligible to start my GC with new company. Please advise.
    I got a offer from current project implimentatiion partner.

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    You can definitly transfer your H1B.
    Regarding the GC process, I am not sure.