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USCIS review after US embassy rejection

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  • USCIS review after US embassy rejection

    In April, my company applied for H1B premium processing visa and it got approved by USCIS on 9th April. I went to Delhi embassy, but got green slip and asked me to submit all docs( client letter, company tax statement so on). I submitted all documents on the same day. After a month, i got a rejection letter from Delhi Embassy stating that I do not hold the valid H1B petition because my employer doesn't have the direct control over the project. They sent the case to USCIS for revocation. After 25th May, USCIS website shows that they are reviewing my case and will contact if they require something. I am still waiting a response from USCIS.

    I have few questions in my mind.

    1,) Is there any hope? Client is still looking for me and ready to generate the new client letter.
    2,) By when i can expect the response from USCIS (Denial/RFE/Approval)?
    3,) Is there any way to expediate the processing?

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    USCIS will contact your employer and if they are satisfied with their response they will reaffirm the petition. You will then need to contact the consulate/embassy. Nobody can predict how long this will take and unfortunately there is no way to expedite this process.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      Thanks a lot.