I have filed my H1B Visa for Non-Immigrant worker through a consultant on 13-April-2005 in California Processing Centre. On a regular basis, I am checking my status online. From day one it always shows the same status as below. "You application has been received on April 13 2005 and we have mailed you a receipt and it takes 90 to 120 days to process this kind of case".

Couple of my friends who had filed through the same consultant on April 1st have got their applications approved by end of April 2005 itself. I could not see any change in the status till today. Even my consultant did not receive any information regarding my papers.

What could be the reason for this delay? What would be the case of my application? Does it look normal and what should be the action point from my side? What can I do to speed up my visa processing? Can I call up customer service to check the real scenario? Any help would really be appreciated..