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Regarding H1 B Visa

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  • Regarding H1 B Visa

    Hello All,

    I came to US during March 2011 for Employer A on H1-B. My Visa with Employer A is valid till Dec 26, 2013. Then i joined Employer B on Aug 2011 and transfered my H1-B. I am planning to go for vacation during Jan 2013. My Employer B told me go for stamping (not required though) because they told me that if my Employer A withdraws my petetion, it will be a problem in Port of entry.

    1) Does this really happens? Do i need to go for stamping first for Employer B?

    2) Now, i am planning to join Employer A again. Should i have to go for stamping during my vacation in Jan 2013 for Employer A again?

    3) Incase if i stick to Employer B, and if i dont have to go for stamping, then on which company visa can my wife come?

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    You can use your current Visa and B's petition to return to US. New Visa is not needed.

    If your wife does not have a Visa, she can apply for it using B's petition.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.