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H4 cum Divorce related query

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  • H4 cum Divorce related query

    I got H1B visa and my wife got H4 (Dependent Visa).
    Now, my wife is not living a matrimonial life with me. We both filed a divorce case in April, 2012 and will get a final divorce decree in October first week. In the form of alimony, I have settled the amount.

    Meantime my office is planning to send me to onsite for a different client.
    In that case I need to go for amendment of visa.

    My Question is that,
    1)For amendment of visa should I have to mention the above personal details? Or without mentioning the above details I can travel after amending only the H1B visa know
    2)After final divorce decree, should I have to inform to US Consulate to cancel H4 Visa?
    3)After final divorce decree, I have to remove my wife’s name in my passport
    4)If I remarry some other girl then I can apply H4 Visa right? Will there be any restrictions.
    5)In this kind of scenario what steps I need to follow? Please help me being it is a personal issue I can’t share with my office colleagues/staff. That is the reason I am asking this question in this forum.
    This forum does a good job by clarifying everyone’s query related to immigration.

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    There is nothing different that you need to do. Stop worrying. Provide all the information truthfully while filing.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.