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L1A Completed 6 Years 10 Months Now in Clock Reset when can I apply again

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  • L1A Completed 6 Years 10 Months Now in Clock Reset when can I apply again

    Hi I was in USA on L1A VISA for 6 years 10 Months.

    I made some trips to India in between for about total duration of 45 days outside USA during my entire L1A stay in USA.

    I left USA on April 30th 2012. Now I want to again to again go back to USA on H1.


    1.) Should I fear some kind of rejection due to the fact that I was in USA for 7 years and came back and again going back ? Or am I am I in same boat as all H1 appliers ?

    2.) Can I apply for H1 visa from a employer on 2nd April 2013 ? Or do I have to wait for complete clock reset period before applying ? Since in any case I cant enter US before Oct 2013 if I get approval and VISA.

    3.) If I get H1 approval next year, can my company again apply for L1 in same year ? Will that cancel my H1 ? Since my company is also thinking of applying L1A for me next year, but I want to play safe and want to 100 % go to USA , so will apply for H1 and go on my own incase my company changes plans.

    4.) I know it all depends on lawyer and case, but just to put a question. Since I was on L1A during my last stay before clock reset. If I go on H1 will my lawyer be able to put a case for me to apply under EB1 for GC ? I have now more than 12 years of experience