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Need urgent advice regarding H1B

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  • Need urgent advice regarding H1B

    Dear Experts,

    I have got an offer from a US employer who has processed my petition and it got approved under FY2013 cap. They have sent me all the relevant documents. I have filled up DS160 and all other formalities have been done from my end. I just have to schedule my appointment for Visa interview and get Visa stamped.
    My petition is valid from 01 oct 2012 to 20 december 2014.

    I am an Indian citizen and working in an Indian company which is a MNC.

    So can I get the visa stamped after a month or so and resign from my current company after that (My current company has a 60 days notice period)?

    Will it have any issues as such? I am planning to go to US in Jan 2013.

    Please guide me as this is my first international experience.

    Eagerly waiting for a reply !! Thanks a lot in advance.
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    It does not matter. You can apply any time.
    If Visa is denied for any reason, there is a risk of losing both jobs. If this is a genuine, non-consulting type company chances of approval are higher.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      Thanks a lot for your response to my query.

      The company from which I have got offer in US is 2000+ employee strength company. I have gathered as much info as possible from here and till now I am convinced.

      I want to get the visa stamped in October 2012 or latest by November 2012. Once its done I will resign from my current company, serve notice period of two months i.e my notice period will be over by Jan 2013.

      And then after all this I will be flying to US in late Feb 2013.

      Can you please tell me if this plan sounds allrite ?

      Best regards


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        Yes, sounds fine.
        This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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          Need Help on the H1B

          Hi All,

          I am new to immihelp, so please pardon if I am putting my question in wrong thread.
          The question that I have is I am working for company A which has applied for my GC and I have got approval for I140 (my priority date is Sep-2011
          Now I have got an offer from company B which has applied for my H1B transfer (PP) but they have only got an extension for 1 year (even though I have used my current I140 approval to get 3 years).

          Now the question is is it safe to join company B knowing that after 1 year it is not sure that I will get an extension.
          Employer B is saying that if employer A revokes I140 even then I can get an extension on the basis on the I140 (which is revoked if i have a copy of I140, it is confusing for me how it is possible).
          Can some one please advice what employer B is saying is true?