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  • L1 To H1-B

    I’m working with L1-B visa which is valid till 2006 and my wife is in L2. Another prospective employer processed H1-B for both of us in Oct’2004. But, we haven’t started working with that employer yet. I have the following few questions.

    Is my visa status still valid for L1-B as well as for H1-B?
    Can I start working with the new employer now?
    Can I visit my home country a month later? Is couple of pay slips from the new employer sufficient to get the H1-B stamped while returning?
    My current employer is planning to apply H1-B for me. As my current employer doesn’t know about the H1-B approval by the other prospective employer, will the new H1-B application have any problems?
    Will my Oct’2004 H1-B visa approval be still valid after my L1-B changes to H1-B with the current employer?
    Thanks in Advance