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Question about I-693

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  • Question about I-693

    Hello everyone, so I applied for the green card (marriage based) last year
    and thankfully i did my interview last month and got approved for
    i-130, while I'm waiting for i-485 to be approved, hopefully for sure, but
    the officer, after the interview, told me that have to redo
    the medical since the old one is expired. I did the
    medical and everything was negative except one that
    was positive, syphilis, and I didn't know i have it, but
    both my husband and I got treated immediately and
    attached the proof document that i got treated. The
    question is, should I worry if they're going to make it a
    problem just because i got tested positive ? Although I
    treated it the next day I knew about it. Literally nothing
    else left to submit but that medical exam is the last
    thing. I already submitted it with the RFE and it's been
    almost a week and half, but I've been doing my best to
    stay positive. Literally have been dwelling in this particular thing by overthinking about it.
    So what do you guys think ? I appreciate it.

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    My understanding is that if there is a possibility of you infecting someone else, then they might flag you as non-admissible.

    Eg, if you have cancer then it's not something you can give to someone else, but if you have TB then you *could* give that to someone else. Xyphilis is a communicative disease (that you could give to someone else) and as a result, they will likely bring it up. Getting treatment is one thing, but testing negative is another, so you might have to go through the process again and get a negative result.
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      Do you have a copy of the I-693? Does it say Class A or Class B for syphilis?
      Reading: https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugee.../syphilis.html
      it says that the civil surgeon should report Class A if syphilis is detected, after treatment (and more tests I guess) they can report Class B. From what I understand USCIS will not approve the AOS if Class A and they can approve if Class B.
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