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How to securely erase an iPhone 5S?

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  • How to securely erase an iPhone 5S?

    I am leaving to USA in next week and will give my iPhone 5S to my younger brother. I have a lot of private things on the phone so how to completely wipe the phone? I don't want any of them being seen by my brother.

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    It's not difficult to erase an iphone and I tried two 2 tools: itunes and joyoshare ipasscode unlocker .


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      To do it on your iPhone, open Settings, then tap "General." Next, select "Reset," then "Erase All Content and Settings." Unlike the iTunes method, this does not install a new version of the software — just securely erases all of the content and settings.


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        I'm an iPhone 5S user and facing some concerns. Thanks for providing this data. I like to completely wipe the phone. I tried but not sure that it did work. So I was searching for a more reliable solution


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          Apple recommends to sign out of everything, then go into Settings -> General -> Erase All Content and Settings. That should do it without installing 3rd-party software. However, if you ever need to write a proper apa format essay on your iPhone you'll most likely need a third-party app.
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