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Question on latest I-94

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  • Question on latest I-94

    I am currently in USA and H1B visa stamped on my passport is valid until 4-Jun-2019. Recently I went to India vacation in Dec 2017. My H1B amendment petition (due to work location change) was pending with USCIS during this time. I returned to USA on 19-Dec-2017 and since my passport expiry date was 5-Oct-2018, the immigration officer gave I-94 validity till 5-Oct-2018 only. Last Friday (Dec 29th) I got the amendment petition approved by USCIS and the approval notice has extended I-94 also. Extended I-94 is valid until 4-Jun-2019 (visa expiry date). Coincidentally the approval notice date is same as my US return date (i.e. 19-Dec-2017).

    In this case which I-94 date should be considered as latest?
    1. I-94 issued during re-entry with expiry date 5-Oct-2018 (passport expiry date)
    2. I-94 issued with amendment petition approval with expiry 4-Jun-2019 (visa expiry date)

    I checked with my employer's immigration team and they said I can use the I-94 with amendment petition approval. But just wanted some expert opinion also in this.